Corn Chowder!


I love to cook for and with my kids. Recently, one of my daughters asked if we could make up a big batch of corn chowder so she could freeze some. I was happy to do this with her, and of course when the rest of the girls found out what was happening everyone ended up in my kitchen to get in on some visiting and hoping to get a jar or at least a taste of the chowder… then somehow all the husbands showed up for lunch!

Emmett brought his elephant for lunch

I made this recipe much smaller for you to try – we usually do at least 4x as much so when we’re all busy working on the ranch I can pull some ready made stuff out for lunch.  When we’re making a batch we tend to take up the whole kitchen space!


This soup is easy, hearty, and delicious and one of the kids favourites. Perfect for the cold season. Enjoy!

– Gwen

Corn Chowder Recipe

3 cans creamed corn                                    1/2-1 lb bacon

1 can kernel corn                                          1 small onion

1 can mushroom soup                                 3-4 celery stalks

milk                                                                 1 small green pepper

1 tsp curry pwd                                            4-5 potatoes

salt and pepper to taste



Cut up bacon small and fry.


While bacon is frying, dice potatoes and put into a large pot with about 4 cups of water (you will use this water and potato mix for your soup base). Cook potatoes til almost done.

Take bacon out of the pan and set aside (but don’t throw out the bacon grease).

Next dice onion, celery stalks and pepper (as you can see I didn’t have any green peppers so I used orange – any colour will do.) Hint: Food processors work wonders with dicing the veggies quick!

Sauté the veggies in the bacon fat.

Add all the corn, Mushroom soup, Bacon, and Sautéed veggies to the potato water mix.

Add the curry and salt and pepper, and mix.


Let it simmer til the soup is hot and well melded together. You can freeze it like this – or if you’re ready for lunch, add milk and more spices to desired thickness and taste. Voila! Corn chowder to warm you up and fill your kids or husband’s hungry tummies!


6 thoughts on “Corn Chowder!

  1. Sounds delicious! Thank you! Love the step by step photos too. Do you mail out samples? 🤣
    Hope to make some soon!


  2. Well if Gwen made it, it has to be good! Going into my recipe file with an adaptation of the mushroom soup to make this gluten free.


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