Summer Beginnings

cattled-2It’s that time of year again. When the cows need to get pushed up the range where they happily munch their way back down to us… over and over again.  The weather switches from sunny and hot — to pouring rain in a blink. The fields are vibrantly green and the big new pivot makes its semi-circle back and forth keeping them that way.

I love to take pictures of this guy on his horse – something about the two of them just catches my photographer’s eye… of course he doesn’t feel the same way.
Here’s how he feels about my camera! 😉

Last week we saw a beaver across the river from the cabins, just sitting quietly watching us, not perturbed by our noisy presence at all.

There’s all these little moments like that, where the beauty around the ranch gives a nudge, and it’s hard sometimes, (when everything is growing so fiercely, and the work to keep up just never ends,) to take the time to stop and look back at it.

But when you do, its a breathtaking moment of awareness of how amazing this world is, how full of life and colour and good things we mustn’t forget are there.


Cattledrives are the fun part of summer, the part where everyone wants to come along. Sometimes they’re long and hot, but there’s always conversation, always a little chase here or there to catch the calf or cow that’s sneaking away into the trees. And every once in a while when a cousin comes to visit the kids get to ride.


Of course its the best when the older cousin gets to show off his horsemanship!


So come by for a visit to view all the fun – or if you happen to be on the road when we are, thanks for your patience as we must use it to reach those high mountain places, and get ready to follow one of our skilled horsewomen as she carves a way through the herd for you so you can be on your way.


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