Slow down

It’s the slow down days, the take a breath and sit down days. The cabins sit cozy warm and full of hunters and loggers for the moment, the cows are back home in the fields and the roads are quiet.


It’s look at the beauty we live in days. It may not be as pretty at the moment, with the grass brown and no snow yet – but the skies are gorgeous and

we are lucky to live here, yes we are.


If you go for a drive, you might see an eagle, most likely a deer…

but you won’t see a car bomb, or a starving child, or even an army.

What a beautiful place we live in.

Sometimes we’re so busy we forget what we have, but not these days. These days we remember our neighbours are friendly, and our country is at peace. We may have our spats, but they’re mostly with words instead of violence.



It’s the family days, and Christmas-is-coming days. When we snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie together with the kids, and all around us the world is hunkering down for winter. It’s look at the stars days, and enjoy the beauty of our huge night sky – aren’t we so very grateful?

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