When family comes to visit…


Normally, it takes one person to lead a pony, but as you can see from the above photo, it takes at least three when the cousins come to town. The more hands on the lead rope the better.

Some of the best parts of farming are when family or friends come to visit. Everything that is ordinary, is suddenly fun. Everything that is work and a chore and maybe even a groan, becomes a chance to chat and work together, enjoying the out of doors and egging each other on to work a little harder. Picking up all the little square hay bales every summer is hot and sweaty work, usually at the end of a long, hot and sweaty day, but when friends come up to help it turns into a party, a hayride and maybe some huckleberry pie at the end.

Even feeding cows can become an outing, with the kids piled up on the hay wagon and the field a fun destination.DSC_7422

It’s amazing what ordinary things become when you have someone around to do them with you. I guess what I’m saying is, farming teaches us that everything is better with someone to share it with. Work doesn’t have to be just work, it can be fun too.

(no children or cows were injured in the outing – the one you see being ridden is our very good friend Daisy, who took it all in stride while she ate).

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